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'Nanyatha' - know your letter clearance status online

‘Nanyatha’, a monitoring mechanism for letter box clearance through a unique ID generation, was launched by Chief Postmaster General B.V. Sudhakar here on Friday.

“The facility has been introduced with the aim of helping people know the status of letter clearance from a particular letter box,” Mr. Sudhakar said. The deparment has created a unique 12-digit number to serve as the identification number for each letter box. A bar code, printed on the rear door of the box to capture details, will be generated for the unique number. The entire application will be based on Android operating system, he said.

“The application helps us upload data on location of letter box, date and time of letter clearance and the person who cleared them on the web ( when the bar code is scanned using the smart phone,” he said. The letter box details, date and time of clearance will be sent to the central server using GPRS technology.

The server, in turn, will validate the information and accept the date and time of clearance through management information system (MIS). Denizens can log on to the website and enter the location of the letter box to get information about the date and time of clearance. A log-in name and password have been provided to postal administrators of each division for entering the website and see the MIS details comprising the name of the post office and the letter box under its jurisdiction.

Mr. Sudhakar said the facility was launched in 10 of the 11 post offices in Vijayawada covering 173 letter boxes. Presently, the department has Rs. 811.87 crore deposits through 4.48 crore accounts. “We are hopeful of reaching deposits up to Rs. 1,000 crore by the end of the financial year,” he added.

-The Hindu

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