You are at Somi Reddy lobbying with Babu for MLC!

Somi Reddy lobbying with Babu for MLC!

Payyavula, Somi Reddy lobbying with Babu

In a surprise to Andhra Pradesh state the union government has sanctioned additional MLC posts. Which creating new hopes in aspirants. According to sources Especially TDP senior leaders SomiReddy, Payyavyla are the front runners for this opportunity.

In the recent elections Payyavyla and SomiReddy lost election with little margin. The leaders definitely in cabinet due to their importance in the party if they won the election. Unfortunately loosing elections created a vacume in their career even the party in ruling. The party chief Chandrababu Naidu had denied to provide any nominated posts to these leaders based on party internal rules. But in a sudden surprise now babu got the opportunity to respect these leaders who are loyal to party since decades. It's almost confirmed that SomiReddy and Payyavyla will be in the next MLC list. Sources added even Gali Muddukrishnama Naidu also lobbying hard. The additional MLC seats given a flexibility to babu to keep his party leaders happy.

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