You are at Playboy club comes to Hyderabad

Playboy club comes to Hyderabad

The controversial Playboy club is now in Hyderabad. The Playboy clubs are famous all across the world for sexy waitresses in bunny suits and sexy girls dancing nude teasing their customers. The controversial club applied for permissions in 2012 to establish their business in Goa, Mumbai and Delhi but only to get rejected. Governments have rejected their applications even after promising there will not be any nudity in the clubs.

Finally Playboy opened a pub cum club in Goa with a different name 'Sunshine Resort' in a 22000 sq feet open air space. And now Playboy has got permission to do business in Hyderabad under its own name. So the first playboy club will be launched officially in a star hotel in Hyderabad on Saturday. It is said that government has given permission to playboy clubs under the promise of no nudity,Interestingly the entire government officials and even some people's representatives are dying to attend the opening ceremony of the club. 

The organizers say there are huge recommendations for the invitations and VIP passes for the launch event. The organizers are saying that this is only an indication of the sensation the club will create in Hyderabad.

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