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Taj is Muslims Tomb,So Revenue should belong to Wakf!

Uttar Pradesh Minister and senior SP leader Azam Khan  made some sensational comments on historical monument Taj Mahal. Azam Khan had said that the Taj Mahal is the tomb of two Muslims and should be handed over to the central Waqf Board.

He suggested that the Taj Mahal and the income generated through it should be handed over to the Wakf Board contending that the monument is a mausoleum.

"Taj Mahal is a mausoleum and each mausoleum is 'Waqf' and comes under the Sunni Central Waqf Board.If it is a cheap building, then it would be under Waqf Board and if it is an expensive building, generating revenue, then the Indian government will take the money.We want that it should be given to the Sunni Central Waqf Board’’Said Azam

Azam's comments on  Taj Mahal comes at a time when the Centre-state battle over power and UP's development has already peaked. Reacting over this the BJP has slammed Azam Khan for such remark.BJP said that the UP minister is should not try to create misunderstanding among the people with his comments.

Central Wakf Council, India is an Indian statutory body established in 1964 by the Government of India for the purpose of advising it on matters pertaining to working of the State Wakf Boards and proper administration of the Wakfs in the country. Wakf is a permanent dedication of movable or immovable properties for religious, pious or charitable purposes as recognized by Muslim Law.

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