You are at Kodali Nani reveals Janakiram's Wishes!

Kodali Nani reveals Janakiram's Wishes!

YCP MLA Kodali Nani came to Hari krishna home and shown his condolence on the death of his son Janaki ram. He expressed his deep regret in loosing a close friend in industry.

Kodali Nani who always maintained close relationship with HariKrishan family had revealed Janakiram aspirations. He said Janakiram was in thoughts to grow as famous industrialist in India. He added, Ram never used money of family though he has much, he went US for ten years where he did hard jobs and got money for investments. Kodali expressed his dissatisfaction over this incident as God took Ram so early caused huge damage to state people. Apart from Nani many industry celebrities and political leaders joined at Hari krishna home and expressing their condolence. As per latest news Ram last riots will be performed at Ram farmhouse.

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