You are at TNGOs Harassing us : Ashok Babu

TNGOs Harassing us : Ashok Babu


APNGOs President Ashok Babu made irking comments against the TNGOs. Speaking to the reporters in Nellore NGO office, he stated that the TNGOs' harassment against the APNGOs is becoming severe day by day.

He expressed the APNGOs' willingness to shift to the new AP capital as soon as it is made ready. The administration has to be shifted to the new capital at a go, he said.

The Employees are to be shifted to the new capital after the consruction of the High court, Secratariat, Assembly along with all the Government offices in the capital. Apart from the above, the facilities for Education, Health, residentials, transportaion and other facilities should be set up before shifting the Employees to the new capital. The employees would face severe difficulties if the above said are not provided, said Ashok babu.

APNGOs President stated that he would support Chief Minister's decision of making the AP capital as the world class capital on the lines of Singapore. The New capital city should be provided all the facilities for administration like singapore, added Ashok babu.

The AP government should take the decision related to the shifting of Andhra employees to AP after discussing the same with the Employees.

The issues of Health cards, PRC to the state Government Employees and Contract Contigent Employees would be discussed with the Chief Minister Chandrababu within 2 days. The APNGOs would be comfortable if the two Telugu state Governments provide PRC with the same fitment, added APNGOs President Ashok babu.

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