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Shocking: 100 MLAs With Criminal Past Won Bihar Polls


The results of Bihar elections are out and the Grand Alliance of the RJD, JDU and the Congress party decimated the NDA-led alliance in an emphatic victory. BJP's detractors are terming the party's shameful loss as a defeat of arrogance and Modi's dictatorship. On the other hand, the Bihar voters have chosen a corrupted politician like Lalu Prasad Yadav.

Leaving the corruption aside, the criminal past of the contestants and the winners will leave everyone in jitters. As many as 1,000 contestants with Cromwell criminal cases on their names took part in the elections. Out of these, 142 from the Grand Alliance contested in the elections and 100 of them emerged victorious.
Even BJP is no less as 139 of the party's candidates contested in the polls and 37 of them won the battle. JDU candidate from Madhiha constituency Narendra Kumar Singh tops the list with 15 criminal cases on his name. Then comes the BJP's Mohammad Ilyas Hussain from the Dehri constituency with 14 cases to his credit.

While some are calling the future government of Bihar as Jungle Raj, the Bihari voters mandate seems to be rightly justifying the Jungle Raj allegations.

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