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Kannada Netizens Target Venkaiah Naidu

With by-elections to the Rajya Sabha round the corner, Union Minister for Urban Development and Parliamentary Affairs, M Venkaiah Naidu, has attracted attention on the social media.

Tweeple and Facebook users from Bengaluru have expressed their ire over the performance of the minister and stressed that a 'non-Kannadiga' must not be representing them. The hashtag #VenkayyaSakayya (translated to enough of Venkaiah Naidu), trended on Wednesday and Thursday with netizens sharing their views on the issue.

The hashtag also prompted a flurry of memes and related hashtags such as #GoBackVenkaiahNaidu. Memes which alleged that the contribution of Naidu to Karnataka during his representation from the state was zero, was circulated widely.

“I had forgotten that for 18 years, we had a RS member from Karnataka called Venkaiah Naidu. No more swalpa adjust maadi” tweeted @sanjayuvachas.

“Venkaiah didn't even adopt a Karnataka village for the model village scheme. Why should he be given RS seat from the state?”, wrote Twitter user @srivatsayb.

Though these and other tweets against nominating Naidu from Karnataka gained currency, some Twitter users pointed out that the Constitution allowed such nominations. Some pointed out, like user @rkirankr, that even former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was nominated from a state different from his own, and the trend depicted 'selective outrage'.

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