You are at No Holidays for Business and Shops : KCR

No Holidays for Business and Shops : KCR


Shopkeepers and business groups should be prepared to toil hard in Telangana state as chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said that his government would ensure that all shops and businesses are open on Sundays and holidays across the state. He said that if required law would be revised to accommodate the new rule.

The chief minister has ordered the labour ministry to send recommendations to implement the new rule. KCR said that those who work hard on all weekdays wish to do shopping on Sundays and because shops are closed on Sundays they are unable to enjoy their shopping.

KCR also said that stringent steps would be taken against the business groups who would force their employees to work for more than the actual working hours. He also ordered for implementing weekly one day off for people working in private companies.

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