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Telangana Irrigation Minister makes Hospital Staff return Bribe


After having a clear cut information on the corrupt practices, Telangana Irrigation Minister Harish Rao made a surprise visit to a hospital recently. He asked the women patients in the ward if they were receiving proper treatment and whether the staff demands any money from them.

Many Patients complained to the Minister that they had paid Rs 100 to Rs 800 to the Hospital Staff as bribe. Soon, Harish Rao warned the staff of disciplinary action if repeated such act again and then made them return the bribe to the patients.

The above incident is a proof of the pathetic situation of patients in Government Hospitals. It reflects how the Staff in the Hospitals have been looting the poor who come for treatment.

Its high time Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao takes some measures to bring down the corruption in all the Government-run Hospitals, Institutions and Others.

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