You are at BJP Digging Its Own Grave In AP

BJP Digging Its Own Grave In AP


On account of the Narendra Modi wave and the guarantee of unique status to AP, the BJP fared really well in the decisions in AP. Individuals trusted that the combo of Naidu and Modi would introduce a quick pace of improvement in AP. In any case, unfortunately, the trusts of the general population have been gave a false representation of.

BJP encouraged by its enhanced discretionary appearing down South is presently confident of fortifying itself further and developing as a standard political gathering. What's more, Naidu, who is totally centered around Amaravathi, is in no inclination to tackle the Center over the uncommon status issue for he needs no inquiries raised over Amaravathi and the billion dollar arrangements occurring around it.

The BJP likewise feels that on the off chance that it gave extraordinary status to AP, Naidu would leave with all the credit. Furthermore, as of late, BJP activists assaulting understudies in Vijayawada who were requesting uncommon status, is a finished smudge on the substance of the Party. What's more, conceding individuals like Kavuri Samba Siva Rao and Purandeswari who are considered by the general population of AP to be deceivers was another wrong move by the BJP.

So, despite the fact that the BJP may be having the best goals at the top of the priority list for AP, the way they are going about things, one can't get the inclination that the gathering is causing its own downfall.

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