You are at OMG: TDP MLA Milk Bath!!

OMG: TDP MLA Milk Bath!!

Denduluru MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar need no introduction. He garnered the attention of people of Telugu States in the MRO Vanajakshi issue. He even made headlines for violating the norms of Kolleru. This time, He made news for a different reason.Usually, Milk Baths will be offered to cutouts of prominent personalities. Contrary, Chintamaneni made headlined by having a milk bath.

Farmers of Sriramavaram Village offered Milk Bath to their MLA. Pleased with the diversion of water to Guderu from Polavaram Right Canal, Farmers showed their gratitude to Chintamaneni in this fashion.Diversion of water to Guderu will benefit 350 acres. For a change, This TDP MLA stayed in news this time for the good work done by him.

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