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Anant Ambani weight loss: How he lost 108 kg in 18 months!


Soon after the ninth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) kicked off on April 9, the cricket fever once again gripped the Indian fans. While there were moments of brilliance on the cricket field, the man who hogged the limelight was Anant Ambani.

Son of Mukesh and Nita Ambani, Anant has been known to be suffering from chronic asthma, and the medication related to it is said to be the reason behind him gaining plenty of weight. But in his new avatar, the lean Anant has been one of the most talked about topics on the internet, ever since he shed a staggering 108 kgs in one and a half years.

The question in everybody's mind is – how did he do it?!

There are several rumours suggesting he underwent a gastric bypass surgery. But according to reports, he did it the natural way, following a strict diet and exercising rigorously. According to multiple reports, Anant used to exercise 5-6 hours a day and his regime included a 21-km walk, followed by yoga, weight training, functional training and high-intensity cardio exercises.

From Salman Khan to Mahendra Singh Dhoni, some of the biggest celebrities have hailed Anant for achieving an impossible fitness goal through sheer determination.

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