You are at Gun culture raising in Vijayawada!

Gun culture raising in Vijayawada!

Vijayawada is now the upcoming South Indian hub for manufacturing sector. This region will be flooded with government offices and manufacturing companies, apart from IT MNCs. In this scenario, the value for land and assets raised to the peak stage in the hearts of people.

Illegal land occupation and few other crimes were stated to be raising in this region. Interestingly, a new news came into limelight. It seems that few gangs in Vijayawada are contacting few Bihari people and are importing weapons into the city.

More shocking news is that the Bihari gangs which are supplying weapons to the city locals are now coming down directly to Vijayawada to sell their weapons. Few media sources mentioned that this Gun culture is raising heavily in Vijayawada. It is a big challenge to Chandra Babu and his team.

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