You are at CBI to deal WhatsApp Gangrape Video case!

CBI to deal WhatsApp Gangrape Video case!


The Supreme Court on Friday directed CBI to file a case and probe the WhatsApp video showing a group of men pose after sexually assaulting two women.

Terming it as a serious issue, The Apex Court opined this issue has great public importance and something has to be done about it.

Supreme also served notices to Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha Government to nab the rapists in the viral video.

Women's rights activist Sunitha Krishnan posted the gangrape video on YouTube and Facebook to help identify the rapists. Cops haven't registered the case as neither the victims approached them nor the rapists were identified till date. There is even no clue about where the incident took place and did the 6 men in the footage committed the henius crime.

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