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Highlights : Pawan Kalyan Speech At Jana Sena Meet In Tirupati


Pawan Kalyan reached the venue of the Public Meeting at Indira Stadium in Tirupati.

Villu Nunchi Vadilini Bananni - Notununchi Vachina Maata Venakki Tesukolem

I'm here not here for Posts or Power

I'm earning Crores & paying Crores of Taxes. Why do I need Politics?

Its painful to witness the Politicians & Parties who don't safeguard the interests of People

I'm here to speak about Jana Sena party, Performance of TDP Government & Delay in according Special Status & fulfilling other promises.

Why should I talk in Tirupati only? Our Election Campaign for 2014 polls began in Tirupati

When I campaigned for TDP-BJP Combine, Few Leaders criticized Me for being a sidekick of Modi and Chandrababu. They even called Me as Rubber Singh. Do I fear this criticism?

What I want for Youth is restraint! I'm there to fight for you.

I will dedicate 25 Years of my life for the State & welfare of the country.

Bhajan Sena? I'm here for People not for pampering either Narendra Modi or Chandrababu Naidu

Before starting the main topic, I wish to appeal all My Fans not to clash with anyone. Don't spoil your future just by indulging in such unnecessary issues. The murder of Vinod Royal is painful and bow down to his Mother who donated his son's eyes.

When Jana Sena extended support to TDP-BJP, Media heaped praises on Us. When I spoke against Land Pooling issue, A section of media began targeting My Caste. I was born as a Hindu. My Daughter is a Christian. I get angry if someone attributes Me to a particular caste. I have asked the Editor why the Caste issue was highlighted now?

I have gone to I didn't met him again.

A BJP Senior Leaders invited Me to join BJP by saying, 'Only National Parties could run, Regional Parties don't have future'. Then, I said to him: 'I have respect towards BJP but Jana Sena is floated for the welfare of Telugu People'.

I don't want to trouble TDP Government and wishes to give them some time.

Today, The agenda would Special Status

Why Centre is playing with the lives of Seemandhrites? Congress & BJP have seen the love and patience. If they back track on the promises, they will get to know the revolution of Seemandhra People.

What is Special Status? Incentives, Tax Exemptions, Institutions & etc.,

Public Representatives in Seemandhra failed to mount pressure on Centre. TDP MPs have been doing the same mistake Congress MPs committed. Congress MPs, 'Madam, Please'. Now, TDP MPs plead, 'Sir, Please. Special Status'.

I decided to fight for Special Status in 3 Stages.

1st Stage - I will tour all the District head quarters to question the Leaders who cheated People.

2nd Stage - My First meeting would be in Kakinada where BJP decided to divide the State. I will mount pressure on TDP and BJP Lawmakers.

3rd Stage - If Centre doesn't accord Special Status even after then, Then We will intensify the movement.

Modi has been introducing Make In India, Skill India and others for the sake of Youth. What would benefit if Special Status

Construction of AP Capital is yet to begin. In the meantime, Two Elections will happen. 10th Class Students will attain Degrees and remain job less if the issue wasn't addressed.

Why TDP Government isn't reacting strongly? I ask CM Chandrababu Naidu to think, 'How fare is to hurt the self respect of Telugus?'.

Venkaiah Naidu - You demanded 15 years Special Status for AP during the debate on bifurcation in Rajya Sabha. Today, You have been saying Special Status isn't Sanjeevani.

Arun Jaitley - We aren't beggars. Special Status is our right. We are vexed to hear that Centre has sanctioned 2,000 crore, 3,000 crore and 4,000 crore. Focus on serious issues like Special Status not Gau Rakshaks.

TDP & YSR Congress should come under the same platform. Fight for people, I'm ready to work with you. If TDP & YCP fail, I will be fighting for people.

Chandrababu Naidu keeps saying 'We should be careful while dealing with Centre'. If you don't have nothing to hide, what is the need to fear Centre? Why are you so scared?

All of you should clap once for Jairam Ramesh who was behind AP Reorganisation Act 2014.

Ashok Gajapathi Raju, '3 State Chief Ministers have been opposition Special Status'. Raju - Why don't you resign and fight for people?

Narendra Modi - I respect you, but can't bow before you and don't hesitate to go to any

I will keep doing Films. Why because, I need Money. I lost money as you haven't watched 'Sardaar'. Next time, You should watch repeatedly.

I will do films & continue to stay in politics for serving the people. I willn't give up until Special Status is achieved.

There Language Problem between AP MPs & Delhi Leaders. Our Leaders don't know Hindi, Central Leaders can't understand English. Seemandhra Leaders need to learn a bit of Hindi, at least 'Modi ji, Humko Special Status chahiye'.

I'm just a single man weighing 72 kilos, facing health issues like body pains. You (People) are my strength.

'Respected Sirs, We are hurt. You aren't able to see our anger, pain and agony. May be, We aren't in your vicinity. I Pawan Kalyan, the president of Jana Sena Party, will make sure we will storm into your vicinity'.

'Hum Ladenge, Hum Jeetne Tak Ladengee. This is a message to Special Status. Jai..Jai Hind'.

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