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Disney Reportedly Eyes Twitter For Potential Buyout

What we hear from the latest reports is that the Walt Disney Company is attempting hard to buy out one of the biggest social media channel and the top content player- Twitter. It is serving a common platform to interact for celebrities, sport stars, actors, pop stars, media channels and what more, customizing news based on hashtag and many other variables.

But, over the last few months, the price of its users' stock fell massively which also resulted in all-time low earlier this year. Owing to the low-level business, Twitter has indirectly signaled a sale board recently. Given Twitter's massive popularity across the globe, many big corporations are keen to acquire it.

Not just Disney, an American based cloud computing company Salesforce is other major firm looking out to purchase this content-driven social networking service. Reportedly, both the companies are working towards analyzing a number to estimate bid.

The major discussion triggered with an update about this development is, Disney will certainly be able to help Twitter conduct easy live-television and live-streaming besides content. Ever since the news about Disney buying Twitter unearthed, the share price of Twitter has climbed more than 20%. Interestingly, the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey is also a board member of The Walt Disney company. However, neither of the companies stepped frontward to respond over this news.

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