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Pawan's Interview : AwaitNews Review

While watching Pawan's interview on TV9 , so many thoughts revolving in my mind.
Pawan can be a leader or he just took a stand as another common man? We all take stands based on our thinking levels. He just did that?

I can clearly make out he has some anger on some section of politicians mainly because of his/his near experiences. Also it is evident that he is supporting TDP and opposing YSRCP

Let me dig it little.

Why TDP?

What pawan said was fine. CBN might deserve to rule for another 5 years.TDP might be the best among the REST.
Yet i don't find any intelligence in CBN speeches. May be that is something most of the AP couldn't understand?
Software boom has come because of his innovative thoughts. Again former is equally important to get his share of happiness.
Let's get ready for trial and error/success with TDP. So its another "belief" test.

Why Not TDP?

On very first day of my college, someone asked me what my caste is. From there, for 4 years I have seen the hate, differences, arrogance of a caste. Got to know we can separate friends, actors, political parties on caste grounds. Even they injected that people thoughts also based on their birth caste. And we never see any justice came on our way for any issue as higher authorities too belong to that dominated CASTE.

TDP, NTR or CBN doesn't have their share of sin in forming this hatred? Doesn't they encourage their CASTE people only in all sectors? They formed it over years.


My father had his first cardiac arrest, while he was in some remote place near srisailam, AP. He just got survived because of 108.
Please don't ask us to think on Global benefit levels. Our near one's lives are important to us.
Pawan too made a stand on his experiences.
So, whose problem is big over whom?
People support YSRCP on needs/emotions basis.That is all they can think of.

Why Not YSRCP:

What pawan said was true to an extent. Rich became super rich, super super rich in YSR's regime. Jagan has leadership qualities, yet he is doing all his work on sentimental grounds and no intelligence in his election campaign.
Being centric, he doesn't allow any of the cadre to campaign even .That shows his inability to grow as a team/government. All that he has is a thrust for power and gaining on his father's few programs.

What's the Deal with JanaSena?

When we fed up of these existing parties, pawan came as a ray of hope. With the honesty in eyes, fire in his words, he tried to heal many burning hearts.
I believe the decision he took not to contest in 2014 elections is fine. But definitely he shouldn't have asked us to "ADJUST" for another 5 years.

He knows and watching the AP division drama for years. He could have raised his voice before the bifurcation by forming a party and giving his own ideology.

He came very cool after everything has happened. I don't see a point he blames congress. Pawan also another escapist. He just escaped the situation of hate war between Andhra and Telangana and came safely with his party.

He just have the same fire as you n me. Yet, we common people don't have a choice apart from waiting for a good rule.

Writer- Vijaya

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