You are at Liquid RDX Seized, 4 Arrested in Renigunta Airport

Liquid RDX Seized, 4 Arrested in Renigunta Airport

The international airport of temple town Tirupati had a tense moment when airport security on Wednesday seized a suspicious substance which looked like RDX from four passengers travelling out of Andhra Pradesh international airport. The suspects were travelling to Delhi.

Police officials who witnessed the entire scenario told India Today that on interrogation the suspects revealed they were on a business trip to Railway Koduru in YSR District and on their return journey to Delhi, got caught at Tirupati airport.

The 4 passengers behaviour prompted airport officials to question their whereabouts. Later during a check, security officials found RDX like liquid substance filled in four bottles from their luggage. All four passengers were immediately taken into custody with further questioning taking place. The liquid found from them has been sent to FSL for further checks and confirmation of its nature.

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