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Fine Gesture by Biryani Baba

‘Biryani Baba’ has fed 1 crore poor people

Till now we have heard about many Baba’s and there are many serious crimes in which powerful and fake babas have been involved.They have allegedly indulged in crimes like rape, which we saw in Asaram Bapu's case. But here is a different Baba from all other and he is feeding poor and needy.He is offering Biryani to the people and he has been feeding biryani to the poor for the decades

Attaullah Shariff Shataj Khadiri Baba more popular as 'Biryani Baba'  and he is serving people from past 40 years.This baba shuttles between Vizianagaram and  Cheemalapadu Dargah of Krishna district and  blesses the people who  believe in him and offers them Anna prasada. Till now this Biryani Baba offered biryani to 1 crore poor in the last four decades.

Biryani baba  is continuing the legacy of his guru Khadar Baba who died four decades ago.Baba himself participates in cooking the biryani and they use good quality  Basmati rice and quintals of chicken and mutton and pure ghee.Veg Biryani also served here.

When asked about his service Biryani Baba humbly gives all credit to the donors. Baba says he don't believe in religion and castes  and requesting all the people to help the poor and needy.

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