You are at Balakrishna silently win hearts!

Balakrishna silently win hearts!

Nandamuri Balakrishna's constituency, Hindupuram is one of the most happening constituencies of the state after the elections. The actor cum politician even after multitasking with politics and films is dedicating enough time to the constituency. Even though the new MLA is not staying in the constituency, he is devoting some days every month for the people there and has undertaking several developmental activities there like widening of roads, drinking water facility which are hounding the constituency for a long time. Even though the constituency was represented by NT Rama Rao and Hari Krishna in the past, they were not available to the people due to their various other commitments but some how the constituency people could not resist their love for Nandamuri family and vote Telugu Desam Party every time. Balayya do not want to repeat the same mistake and has appointed a Personal Assistant to look after the party affairs and be available to people of the constituency. Balayya is receiving all the pleas of various problems of the constituencies and is personally monitoring their progress. It is said that he is even having a directory of all the government officers of the constituency and speaking directly with them in case of various developmental works and problems of the constituency people. Huge appreciations are pouring in for the new politician for all the quarters. Even Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu, Balayya's Brother-in-law is said to be happy with his performance.

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