You are at AP Land Pooling Package Announced!

AP Land Pooling Package Announced!

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu naidu made official statement on land pooling for capital city. In his statement he given detailed information on land pooling benefits to the farmers who surrendered their land. Babu expressed this the scheme is best in world till now.

According to Naidu announcement paddy field lands get 1000 sq.Yards housing area and 200 sqyards commercial place per acre. On the other side Non paddy fields gets 1000 sq.yards housing land and 300 sq.yards  commercial place per acre. Adding to this each farmer will get annual benefits from government as decided by officials ranging from 25k-75k. Naidu treated farming , non farming and fruits crops separately in calculating annual benefits. He claimed all the loans which farmers took on these lands will be settled with one time payment to banks. He assured the land will be developed with in next three years. In his statement he requested youth to attend the skill development trainings which going to be conducted by government to provide suitable employment.

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