You are at 'AP CM new record in issuing secret GOs' - YSRCP

'AP CM new record in issuing secret GOs' - YSRCP


Chandrababu Naidu starts his day chanting transparency and corruption free mantra. Yet so many secret GOs in his tenure has become talk of the nation. Reports are that Chandrababu Naidu's government issued 800 GOs listed as 'confidential.'

In the recent times opposition is bringing out these and criticising. In this context an English media house reported that among 800 GOs about 550 GOs were from departments under the supervision of CBN. There are two arguments in these. There are so many GOs on Chandrababu Naidu's spending such as chartered flights expenditure and so on. Some GOs are on land allocation too.
While some officials say that investors asked some of the GOs to be set as confidential owing to competition from rivals. In any case to have so many confidential GOs is a new record set by CBN alone so far in the country.

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