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PM Modi's Speech On 70th Independence Day 2016 At Red Fort


Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Nation on the eve of 70th Independence Day after hoisting the tricolor at the Red Fort. Have a look at some of the key comments¦

India is an ancient country with rich cultural heritage.

Along with Gandhi and Nehru, Countless people sacrificed for the Nation.

Sardar Vallabhai Patel unified India. Its our responsibility to make India the best.

Reform - Perform -Transform: Its Our Mantra

Responsibility & Accountability - Good Governance. No place for Arrogance in Democracy.

India have problems but it also have 125 crore brains to overcome them.

GST will strengthen our Economy

One Nation - One Grid - One Price: Its our agenda!

FDI: India to go from 10th spot to 3rd position within 2 years

Extended Maternity Leave from 12 weeks to 26 weeks

99.5% of past dues of sugarcane farmers were cleared

Great improvement in Ease Of Doing Business ranking

Working on revival of 118 stuck projects which are worth Rs 7.5 lakh crore

BSNL and Shipping Corporation has seen profits for the first time ever because of NDA Government

Production of pulses has increased by 1.5 times. Double income for Farmers by 2022: Its My Dream

Made sure Inflation doesn't exceed 6%

Electricity has been provided to 10,000 out of 18,000 villages

LED Bulb costing Rs 350 is now being sold for just Rs 50

70 crore Indians were connected to Aadhaar and Social Security Schemes

2 crore Toilets have been built in Indian villages

4 crore new Cooking Gas connections in just 60 weeks

Fight against Social Evils need to be continued

Data available online at all major Government Hospitals

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