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Man Demands iPhone 6 as Dowry

A man was asked to give an iPhone 6 as dowry by the brother of a woman he had proposed to marry.

The brother insisted that if the man wanted the marriage to happen, he should offer the special gift to his sister as soon as the latest apple phone was available in the local Saudi market, Gulf News reported.

In the Arab world and Asia, dowries, which are long followed tradition, are still prevalent despite religious scholars' attempts to ensure they should be simple gifts instead of money, or the younger generations' push for lower dowries.

Saud Ahmad, a Bahraini office clerk said that the demand for iPhone 6 was "bizarre" as it hadn't even hit the markets yet, and had he been the would-be-groom, he would have confronted the brother.

Ahmad added that they needed to endorse a culture where marriage should not be used to make profits of any sorts.

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