You are at Modi got hurt with his 'Temple'!

Modi got hurt with his 'Temple'!


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said he was shocked to know that his fans have built a temple for him.

Saying that he was appalled at the news, the PM said building such temples was against India's great traditions.

On microblogging website Twitter, the PM further urged those who have built the temple to devote their time and resources towards fulfilling his dream of a 'Clean India'.

Narendra Modi @narendramodi

Have seen the news about a Temple being built in my name. I was appalled. This is shocking & against India's great traditions.

Narendra Modi @narendramodi

Building such Temples is not what our culture teaches us. Personally, it made me very sad. Would urge those doing it not to do it.

Narendra Modi @narendramodi

If you have time & resources, please devote the same towards fulfilling our dream of a Clean India.

On Wednesday, reports said that supporters of Prime Minister Modi in Rajkot have built a temple for him.

The temple, with a bust of Modi in the sanctum, stands on Kothariya road and would be inaugurated on February 16.

"It is a first of its kind in Gujarat, temple of a living person," said Jayesh Patel, leader of Om Yuva Group.

More than 350 members of the group joined hands to construct it by collecting small donations and now planned to conduct daily worship there, he said.

"Members of our organisation have been worshiping Modi as God from the time he contested his first Assembly Election from Rajkot and became the Chief Minister of Gujarat," Patel said.

"We are very much impressed by the work he did as the Chief Minister and the work he is doing now as the Prime Minister, so we decided to construct a temple for him.”

"Initially we had placed a framed photo. Now we have installed an idol, spending Rs 1.7 lakh," Patel said, adding, that altogether the construction costs around Rs seven lakh.

"Our members, earning from Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000 a month, contributed," he said.

Patel said that the 350 sq yard plot of land where it stands was provided by the Kothariya Gram Panchayant ten years ago for religious purpose. The village is now part of Rajkot Municipal Corporation.

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