You are at 6 crores package for Infosys Top brass

6 crores package for Infosys Top brass

The IT giant Infosys has earned a brand and reputation for being one of the finest blue chip companies but in the last few months, a major demolition happened at the top brass. Some of the key heads of the Infosys management walked out of the company for different reasons putting the entire firm at risk.

However, Infosys has now bounced back to ensure their top guys don't leave. This is by coming up with massive hikes to the top executives. It is heard that they have got hikes by multiple times taking their package to nearly Rs 6 crores which has made them totally unpoachable.

This has also set a new record in the payscale of IT industry in India. Sources reveal this is the idea from the newly appointed CEO Vishal Sikka who is also keen to get more brains from his former employer SAP at premium packages. It has to be seen whether this radical move will help Infosys to regain its balance in the top management.

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