You are at Train missing…traced finally: Railways in shock

Train missing…traced finally: Railways in shock

You might be surprised to read this news. Generally we hear missing news of humans or pets or some important things. But here the news is about a train which missed in an incident; finally it traced seventeen days after in a remote location.

Bihar is witnessed for this rare incident on august 25th  midnight. A train which running from Gorakhpur to Mujafarpur is diverted due to an accident of good train. After this the train diverted in to unknown path had given alarms to passengers. During the time passengers got down from the train after they identified its wrong path. But Railway department has no information on this train thereafter had feared about its safety.

Finally the train traced in another division after seventeen days from the day its missed. Police had not filled any case as it’s traced by Railway department itself. May be Bihar proven its track record with this rare incident.

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