You are at KCR's Special Treatment For Harish Rao!

KCR's Special Treatment For Harish Rao!


Harish Rao is considered as one of the most capable person in the TRS government.He has been taking an active role in the party and is one of the most vocal representative of TRS.

In recent times, KCR and Harish Rao have openly praised one another at public events.Recently at a function in Siddipet, while KCR referred to Harish Rao as a 'pearl', Harish Rao also reciprocated in a like fashion. Now similar type of incident took place in TRS meet at Kompally. There was an exciting Thumbs Up incident happened between KCR and Harish Rao

Addressing the TRS extended meeting attended by party leaders in large numbers at Kompally on the city outskirts, KCR greeted each and every leader seated in front of the main stage. However, his special salutation towards Harish Rao caught the media attention.

KCR responded to all with his usual headshake gesture.But at the moment he watched his nephew wishing him his headshake gesture was followed by a Thumbs Up signal for Harish.

Harish also responded with same Thumbs Up for his mama. The indication evidently meant a positive and confidential victory celebration. This is also an indication of KCR'S special treatment to his nephew.So, Harish is always special for KCR.

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