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Modi Meets Obama: 9 Big Developments That Make This Meeting Ultra Important

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet US President Barack Obama for the 7th time. This meeting is considered very important. It is being expected that India and the US may enter many defense agreements. However, attention would be on whether the United States would be able to eliminate hurdles created by China against India's entry into Nuclear Suppliers Group.

Here are the 9 developments:

1) This would be PM Narendra Modi's 4th visit to the United States. For the first time, PM Modi would not address Indian Diaspora on a grand scale. This would be Modi's last bilateral dialogue with Barack Obama.

2) For India, the biggest catch this visit would be United States' support for India's entry into Nuclear Suppliers Group. 48 countries are currently part of this group. These countries control the trade of technology related with nuclear energy.

3) The biggest hurdle to India's entry into the group is China. China is batting for Pakistan to be the part of this group. However, the United States is unlikely to support India openly. But it can help undermine China's sway in the matter.

4) India and the United States had agreed upon Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement. Both the parties can sign the agreement.

5) With this agreement, the United States fighter planes would be able to land in India for repair, replenish and restoration.

6) Pakistan also has a keen eye on this visit. United States can include India on MTCR group. If this happens, India would get the ultra modern missile technology.

7) India and the United States might enter agreement on the purchase of F-16 and F-18 fighter planes. After this agreement, these fighter planes would be manufactured in India.

8) Nuclear Missile Aircraft Carrier agreement is also included in the tour. This carrier can carry more than 100 aircraft. This carrier is not even with China.

9) Modi and Obama can also agree upon opening up of 6 nuclear plants to be constructed in India.

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