You are at Police department’s new initiative for Lover!

Police department’s new initiative for Lover!

Lovers who are enjoying in the parks will now face tough time from the Police department. Unlike the past years, Police department turned more powerful and focused on making Andhra Pradesh and Telengana look perfect. This department is now launching Police officers in civil dresses to corner lovers who are exceeding limits in the public parks.

Few parents complained to the government that they are not able to enjoy time with their kids in these parks as few lovers are exceeding the limits in that zone. They mentioned that the parks in the 2 states are turning into ‘A’ zone areas and their kids are not able to play in them anymore.

Responding to this, Police department decided to slap huge fines and cases on the lovers who exceed limits in the public places. Parks are the main spot in all the major cities. In another few years, Police department is planning to make the 2 states look perfectly alright in case of security and public convenience. 

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