You are at Arvind Kejriwal wants Full Statehood For Delhi!!

Arvind Kejriwal wants Full Statehood For Delhi!!

Arvind Kejriwal

Populist demands can endanger the sovereignty of our nation. Yet politicians choose to promote them for their own selfish reasons. There is a political slugfest going on between the AAP and BJP in Delhi.Finding himself at the receiving end of several Central decisions in recent times, Arvind Kejriwal has once again raked up the issue of full Statehood to Delhi.

To be fair to Kejriwal, it was a part of his party's election manifesto, but the proposal in itself is basically wrong. Not giving full Statehood to Delhi, but holding a referendum for that purpose. If the demand is agreed to and a referendum conducted, can a similar demand be refused from Muslim majority Kashmir?..Will India let go of Kashmir based on a referendum? And will this process be applied to all other States with similar demands such as Vidarbha and Gorkhaland? Why don't these politicians understand the implications of their foolishness? Why don't they put the nation above everything else?

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