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Congratulations Chandrababu!


The Chandrababu Naidu government has at the end of the day made history and they altogether should be complimented for it. Their administration has brought about the first trade of flame between the police and Naxalites in Araku since 1997. Obviously, the uplifted activism of the naxalites in the locale is an immediate branch of Naidu's choice to go in for bauxite mining in the territory in spite of being advised against the same by every single mindful gathering.

At the point when the YSR administration proposed mining in the territory, Chandrababu contradicted it without holding back. At the point when in force, he passes a GO supporting the same. Bauxite mining will bring about benefits of a huge number of dollars for multinationals with adequate degree for debasement. It will likewise bring about relocation of indigenous populaces, removing their lives and civic establishments in the process furthermore cause untold harm to the biological community.

The life of a tribal won't not be of much esteem to the CM and instructed and the rich individuals. Be that as it may, if the tribals are looked upon as kindred Telugus, Andhraites and Indians, then a choice can be taken from the heart and not with the brain. At the point when the state that should secure the tribals transforms into their greatest oppressor, is it any marvel then that the Maoists stand to pick up?

Naidu's choices like the new capital and bauxite mining taken singularly may bring about a genuine resurgence of Naxalism in AP. While one would have anticipated that him would gain from his past encounters, shockingly, the ground reality is by all accounts indicating the other way.

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