You are at Hyderabad Honoured as best place!

Hyderabad Honoured as best place!

Telugu city is the Second Best Place to Visit in World

Royal city Hyderabad was in news for all bad reasons due to Telangana agitations before state bifurcation.Now after formation of the state total scenario got changed and it has been hitting headlines for good yet surprising reasons.

Recently total India watched towards Hyderabad and thanks to the wedding of Salaman Khan Sister Arpita Khan which was a grand gala event.Now once again the Nizam city makes news and according to an international travel publication Hyderabad is the second best place in the world that one should see in 2015.

Famous Traveler magazine published an annual guide ‘Best of the World — 20 Places You Should See in 2015’  and Hyderabad got second  place in the list.

The list included other cities such as Zermatt in Switzerland, the National Mall in Washington D.C, Corsica, Choquequirao in Peru, Sark in the Channel Islands, Koyasan in Japan, Oklahoma City, and Maramures in Romani.Hope the brand image of Hyderabad will take forward by ruling TRS government.

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