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Mudragada Took A Backstep


Spotlight is on Kapu aikya leader Mudragada Padmanabham ever since he called for the Aikya Garjana of Kapus at Tuni. It has been alleged that the man abetted huge violence in the town after his meeting too.

He later sat for an indefinite fast but broke it after reassurance from AP government on fulfillment of the promises to kapus. Most recently he hit headlines saying he'd sit for a fast again from tomorrow i.e., March 11th. However, he informed the media that he had postponed his fast for another date.

Speaking about 1000 crores allocated fro kapu corporation he said that it is not sufficient. He told media that he'd announce his future strategy soon after discussing with fellow kapus. He said that he won't sleep and that he will not allow Chandrababu to sleep.

Meanwhile a section of people are of the feeling that he got threatening calls from ruling party to not sit for the fasting and that prompted Mudragada to take a backstep. We wonder what could be the reason anyway!

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