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Pawan Kalyan Tweets on Gramina Bharatham

Many people know that Pawan Kalyan spends most of his free time on his farm. He is a nature lover and his well wishers always find him spending some peaceful time over there.

Today, Pawan posted some of his pictures and tweeted "Me with Mr.Vijay Ram of S.A.V.E at my farm,who helps farmers to adopt #Zero Budget Natural Farming of Subash Palekar...Preparing the soil with #Jeevamrutham to grow vegetables at farm in #Subash Palekar's (ZBNF) method….In soil preparation with #Sri Vijay Ram(S.A.V.E) in #Subash Palekar's(Zero budget natural farming)method(June 2014)”

In the end, he wished Telugu people and said "Andhariki Naa'Hrudyapoorvaka 'Sankranthi Subakankshalu'.Raithu kanneeru pettani 'Gramina Bharatham' ravalani asisthu”.

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