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Will Shivsena Ready to Support BJP?

 Will Shivsena supports BJP?

After 25 years association BJP and Shivsena parted ways in the recent elections. Both the parties was expected to form government independently but the results giving an hints as not.

Though BJP leading with highest seats in Maharastra, its a big question how it will form government. BJP leaders who went into fight mode while finalizing seat sharing with Shivsena have created some sort of hate towards them in Uddav Thakrey. In addition to that Uddav took on Modi in many occasion during his campaign. 

For BJP followers its a big question how they will come join hands to form government. Seems it might be looking much difficult, actually its not. As Shivsena went in to defense mode during this elections are in threat to loose its charm if it wont come in to power even in its elections. Its almost fifteen years for them to stay out of power. So its critical to Shivsena to be in ruling. Using this point BJP leaders preparing their talks with Shivsena.

But Shivsena is taking hard stand on important portfolio's to strong their position in people heart. If BJP is ready to give important portfolio's as Shivsena requested its not much difficult to form alliance. In any case if its not worked out, NCP already showing an interest to join its hands with BJP. Its one more question will BJP accepts NCP friendship where BJP slammed its policies. May be we need to wait few more hours to see result of this analysis.

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