You are at Techie puts wife number in callgirl's website!

Techie puts wife number in callgirl's website!

Our films have shown us how sadist husbands behave with their wives. They torture them physically and menatlly .The worse we have seen are those husbands make wife drink abuse alcohol and/or smoke cigarettes.Here is about one such sadist.A Hyderabadi man and a sadist husband has put his wife's phone number in a call girl's website.

The man we are discussing here  is an  IT professional .He allegedly posted his wife’s phone number in social networking sites and other websites describing her as a call girl. The accused also posted her mother’s and sister’s number. All of them got hundreds of calls from strangers.

The woman approached the cyber crimes cell due to continuous calls from strangers and police on their investigation  found the number was kept online. CCS Police of Saidapet have investigated on the   complaint and taken the sadist husband into their custody.As per reports  there were continuous marital problems between the couple  so he uploaded her number in order to take revenge.

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