You are at KCR reveals his love for Books and literature

KCR reveals his love for Books and literature


Telangana CM KCR is popular not only for his political acumen but also for his wisdom and immense knowledge in literature and worldly affairs. In an inspiring speech given to his fellow legislators and party cadres recently, KCR spoke at length about his entry to politics and how he imbibed noble values to be a public representative.

KCR started off by surprising everyone by saying that he never wanted to enter politics. The TRS supremo said that he was majorly into reading literature and that he always had a cultural and an intellectual bent. KCR then revealed to a rousing applause from the legislatives that he has so far read an astonishing 80,000 books so far. KCR further said that his fellow students and even teachers used to tease him saying that all he needs is books and he will be locked up in his own world. KCR also recollected how he used to pack less clothes and more books during his travels. It is well known that KCR even wrote several poems and lyrics for films.

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