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Nirbhaya's Father wanted India to watch 'India's Daughter’!

Nirbhaya's Father questioned about ban on 'India's Daughter'

"India's Daughter" documentary had kicked up a storm after one of the convicts of the 2012 gang rape in Delhi was interviewed in prison by a British filmmaker Leslee Udwin . Indian government imposed ban on airing the documentary after facing wrath from several sections.

But the victim's father wants everyone to watch the documentary. He said the documentary holds a mirror to the society and its mindset. Nirbhaya's father speaking to a media house questioned about the ban on its screening in India

''Everyone should watch the India's daughter documentary. If a man can speak like that in jail, imagine what he would say if he was walking free," said the father of the victim

"The documentary exposes what is happening. If the country has taken a decision, we have to accept it. Why are the culprits still alive? Why have they not been hanged yet? Who are they to tell a woman what to wear or what to do? Nirbhaya's father questioned.

Meanwhile Defying Indian Government's ban order, BBC on Wednesday night telecast the controversial documentary. The interview includes versions of Nirbhaya's parents, doctors, the police, lawyers and one of the rapist Mukesh Singh.In his interview, Singh said that women are more responsible for rape than men.

Other side the Home Ministry is planning to take legal action against British filmmaker Leslee Udwin who interviewed convict Mukesh Singh within the premises of Tihar jail.

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