You are at Coca Cola's Milky Ad!

Coca Cola's Milky Ad!

Coca Cola's Sexiest Milk Ad!

Coca Cola has been venturing into the Milk Business and the new product has been named as 'Fair Life Milk'.  

The Cola Gaint has unveiled few new ads to promote the brand and the commercials featuring babes were damn sexy. On the other hand, They were also criticized for the way women has been portrayed. The company promotes the brand with captions 'Drink What Is She Wearing?' and 'Better Milk Looks Good On You'.

'Fair Life Milk' Ads highlight the point that it contains 50 percent more calcium and protein than conventional milk because of the filtration process.

The dairy product will be launched in US Market in this month. We need to wait and see how far this campaign helps 'Fair Life Milk'!

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