You are at Pranab Mukherjee Independence Day Speech

Pranab Mukherjee Independence Day Speech

Usually, The President of India's Independence Day address will not be aimed at Centre or Ruling Party's Leadership. Much to everyone's surprise, President Pranab Mukherjee didn't spare Union Government over the atrocities against Dalits and Minorities in the Country.

Pranab Mukherjee opines that such attacks pose a threat to National integrity. He asked Centre to take stern action against attacks by Gou Rakshaks. After attacks on Dalits and Muslims at various parts of the country including Gujarat, PM Narendra Modi commented that 80 percent of the gou rakshaks are anti-social elements and such a practice will not be tolerated. Multiple cases were registered against Gou Rakshaks in several states after Modi condemned the attacks.

VHP Chief Togadia didn't approve the statement of Modi. 'It would have been good if PM sent advisories to the Governments to implement anti-cow slaughter laws strictly instead of sending dossiers on Gou Rakshaks,' he opined. Analysts say, Centre tried to convey its stand on attacks on Dalits and Muslims through President's Address. Its a ploy of BJP to shut the mouths of Opposition Leaders.

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