You are at Suresh Raina,Priyanka Fairy Tale Love Journey

Suresh Raina,Priyanka Fairy Tale Love Journey


As Suresh Raina is marrying Priyanka Chowdhary in a big fat wedding ceremony Today, There is curiosity among people regarding their Love Story and the exclusive details are here...

Priyanka is a childhood friend of Suresh Raina and her father was his sports teacher in Ghaziabad. Raina's Mom is very close to Priyanka's Mom and the Cricketer says its more like an arranged marriage because our families knew each other for so long.

Suresh Raina lost touch with Priyanka several years ago. It was in 2008, They met at the Delhi airport while Priyanka is going to Holland and Raina is leaving to Bangalore for IPL. The meeting lasted for just 5 minutes.

When Raina was in Australia tour recently, He received a call from his Mom who said one of his childhood friends have been chosen as his life partner. It was then Raina spoke with Priyanka again.

Even after his return to India post the World Cup tour, Raina could be with Priyanka for just half-an-hour. Post wedding, Raina will be getting busy with IPL and Priyanka would fly back to Holland where she works. They planned their Honeymoon in Milan after the IPL.

Interestingly, Priyanka doesn't knew much about cricket but she is a hardcore soccer fan. But, Raina has nothing much to complain as she love him for what he is as a person.

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