You are at TRS MP Kavitha Raise Jai Andhra Slogan!

TRS MP Kavitha Raise Jai Andhra Slogan!

Just alike her Father, Nizamabad MP K Kavitha have the knack of springing a surprise once in a while. Leaving everyone stunned, Telangana Jagruti President raised 'Jai Andhra' slogan.

Kavitha is one of the guests invited for TANA (Telugu Association of North America) in Chicago. Speaking at this event, The TRS MP stressed the need for Telugus to remain united inspite of division of United AP. She concluded her speech by raising 'Jai Telangana, Jai Andhra' slogan.

Certainly, Kavitha has set a good example here. Public Representatives of Telugu States need to learn a bit or two from her. At the time of Telangana Movement, Leaders have made few remarks which spread hatred among people. But, The situation isn't the same any more and it should be seen as a welcome sign.

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