You are at Chevireddy Frustration on TDP MLAs!

Chevireddy Frustration on TDP MLAs!

In second day of Assembly Sessions, Chandragiri YSRCP MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy attracted the attention of the whole house but for wrong reason. Chevireddy challenged TDP MLAs to come out of the Assembly for physical fight. First time elected Chevireddy is leaving all assembly proceedings and dignity of the house and acted like a common party worker. 

AP Chief Minister CBN and Speaker Kodela warned indirectly Chevireddy behavior in the house. YSRCP MLAs rushed towards Speaker podium for allowing the discussion on Political Murders in last two months of TDP rule. In this regard, Chevireddy has lost his balance. 

He rushed towards Minister Acchennaidu seat and show the placard when the minister is delivering the speech. Venkatagiri MLA K. Ramakrishna got anger and exchanged the words saying “Not to behave like Street Rowdy”. Both MLAs brawl each other. Other TDP MLAs got angry and surprised Chevireddy arrogant behavior in the house. 

Chevireddy was also rushed towards TDP Senior MLAs like Buchhaiah Chowdary and Hanumantharaya Chowdary. Finally, Marshalls enter into the scene and YSRCP MLA Sridhar Reddy took away Chevireddy to his place. It seems that Chevireddy future is in dilemma if he continuous to behave likes this in the assembly.

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