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Book exhibition cut to size

The 27th annual book festival which is set to begin from January 1, 2016, might not be exciting in terms of space and books on display, courtesy Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu who stays in the vicinity of the Swaraj Maidan – the venue of the book festival. Organisers of the fete were instructed to host the exhibition in three-fourths of the ground as it falls in CM camp office security zone. Number of stalls will be reduced from 389 to 200.

The ground, which hosts the annual book exhibition in January and agricultural and industrial exhibition in May, falls in the security zone of the CM camp office and the security officials, has been using the ground as a parking place for visitors' vehicles. They have stopped leasing the ground for Krishna Industrial and Agriculture Exhibition Society, which hosts agriculture and industrial exhibition. In the wake of current scenario it is more than likely that the citizens will miss their annual entertainment.

Similarly, the officials have asked the Vijayawada Book Festival Society, to reduce the size of the exhibition, restricting the activity to three fourth of the ground. They also asked the organisers to have one entry point for the exhibition apart from providing parking in the same place. The open space opposite the State Guest House, adjacent to the Collector's camp office, which served as parking spot for past 26 years, would be left free for security reasons.

“We have been organising the book exhibition for the past 26 years and this 27th edition, which is set to be different in terms of the number of stalls and the volume of books to be made available to the visitors, as we were asked to use only three fourth of the grounds," said the Society president B Babjee.

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