You are at Truth About Pawan Kalyan Accident!

Truth About Pawan Kalyan Accident!

Truth about Pawan Kalyan Accident

From past few hours several tv channels and media houses reporting about accident that happened to Pawan Kalyan in Khammam. Many media houses reported that two cars in the convoy collide with each other which caused the mishap.

Here we came to know exact details about how accident took place. it was neither an accident nor a mishap. After knowing news of Pawan arrival many fans thronged to the road to have glimpse of Pawan kalyan.

The vehicle which he was travelling was surrounded by many fans and some enthusiastic fans hurried to shake hand with Power star.In the process some chaos was happened and the show mirror of the car was broken.Pawan came out of the car and gave his appearance to fans and left in the same car.Pawan on his way from Rajhamundry to Khammam to meet ill fated kid Srija.

According to reports Pawan who met Srija has donated Rs 2 lakhs for her medical treatment and also some toys. The news about Pawan kalian accident caused worries for his fans and media should be more patient while publishing these types of sensitive reports.

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