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Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address election rallies in Hisar, Kurukshetra and Faridabad in Haryana

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address election rallies in Hisar, Kurukshetra and Faridabad on Monday.

On Sunday, he addressed a rally in Sangli, where he said that he would not speak against the Shiv Sena as a mark of respect to its founder Bal Thackeray.

"This is the first election after Balasaheb Thackeray's death. I have decided that in his absence, I won't speak against the Shiv Sena as a mark of respect," Prime Minister Modi said.

Asserting that he has a special connection with this land, Prime Minister Modi thanked the people for electing the BJP from this seat in the Lok Sabha polls.

"I came here earlier during the Lok Sabha elections to request you to make the BJP win. We had not been able to win the Sangli seat after independence. Trusting me, you have made our party emerge victorious from this seat. I thank you for that," he added.

Prime Minister Modi also used the occasion to take potshots at Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) supremo Sharad Pawar.

"Pawar was the chief minister, what did he do for the people of Sangli? Sharad Pawar doesn't have the character to imbibe Chhatrapati Shivaji's qualities," he said.

Prime Minister Modi further alleged that Pawar as the country's agriculture minister did not do anything for the farmers of the region.

"Every year 3,700 farmers have committed suicide in the state. Have you seen the Congress-NCP leaders shedding a tear for them?" he asked.

Urging the people to vote for the BJP, Prime Minister Modi also lashed out at the Congress-NCP combine that has governed the state for the last fifteen years.

"These people have robbed the houses of the widows of Kargil martyrs, the jobs of youths, happiness of the poor and aspirations of the people of Maharashtra," he said.

Last week, he addressed rallies in Karnal (Haryana) and Beed (Mahrashtra), where, he trained his guns on Congress Party president Sonia Gandhi, saying those seeking an audit of his performances over the past four months, had done little in the last 60 years.

Modi urged the people to dump the Congress and give a clear majority to the BJP, promising them a strong and stable government.

The Prime Minister was hitting back at Gandhi who, in an election rally in Meham, Haryana, accused him of trying to "show off" as if everything has been done only after his government came to power and asked what happened to his promise of bringing back black money stashed abroad.

"They are creating such an atmosphere as if nothing has happened in the country since Independence and they will change everyone's fortunes overnight. Have any steps been taken by the BJP to fulfil the promises made during the Lok Sabha elections," she asked.

"Has inflation come down? Is the poor man getting food at cheaper rate? Have the unemployed got jobs?" she asked.

In a swipe at Modi, she said, "... empty vessels make the most noise. Being loud doesn't mean you are speaking truth."

Targeting Congress which had described his recent US visit as "over hyped and disappointing", Modi asked, "Was India's presence ever felt in the US like this?"

"It is not because of Modi but because of 1.25 crore countrymen. No country can afford to ignore a man behind whom 1.25 crore people stand. Today, the ruler and the society stand together," he said.

Seeking a mandate to rid Haryana of the Congress, Modi accused the ruling party in the state over alleged land scams and being "anti-farmer".

"Which poor has got a plot, has anyone got ... but then where have thousands of acres of land disappeared, who has taken this. Does Haryana want to settle account," he said.

Modi took no names but the attack comes against the backdrop of controversies surrounding the land deals of the Congress President's son-in-law Robert Vadra for which the Hooda government is believed to have helped him.

Addressing rallies in Beed and Aurangabad in Maharashtra, Modi attacked the erstwhile Congress-NCP combine in the state over corruption, accusing it of "destroying a whole generation".

"It was a union where as the clock ticked, the hand polished off everything. Now nothing has been left. Every young person in Maharashtra is under a huge burden of debt because of corruption," he said, while referring to the election symbols of NCP and Congress which ended their 15-year-old alliance just before the elections.

"Nobody benefited from the Congress-NCP government. Farmers, dalits, youth, adivasis, women, villages, towns ... none benefited ... a whole generation was destroyed," Modi said at Beed, the parliamentary constituency of former Union minister Gopinath Munde, who died in a car crash earlier this year.

The Prime Minister also spoke about his summit-level meetings with world leaders, including US President Barack Obama.

He said both China and Japan would set up state-of-the-art industrial parks in states, including Maharashtra. Japan, he said, will cooperate in construction of high-speed railway between Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

"All these will create large-scale employment," he said, adding the deal with China for solid waste management and waste water treatment will provide water for irrigation in villages of drought prone regions like Beed.

Without naming NCP chief Sharad Pawar, Modi said nothing was done to stop farmers suicide in Maharashtra when he was Union agriculture minister.

"Those who did farmers' politics in Delhi did not do anything to prevent the suicides. 3700 farmers kill themselves each year in the state. Will the farmers of Maharashtra be continued to be murdered like this?" he asked.

"There is no difference between Congress and NCP, they belong to the same clan. They set separate shops for some reason but their character, ideology, habits and goals are one. They are not nationalists, they are 'bhrashtacharvadi' (corrupt)," he said. "I want to take Maharashtra ahead of Gujarat. I want it to be at the top of all states, but for that I need a government from which I can take work," Modi said.

Munde's elder daughter Pankaja is BJP candidate for Parli assembly seat, while her younger sister Preetam is contesting bypoll for Beed Lok Sabha seat lying vacant following the death of their father.

Bypoll to the Beed Lok Sabha seat will also be held on October 15.

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