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Here Is Why I Length Is Not A Big Issue!

Shankar- Vikram’s most anticipated picture I is hitting screens tomorrow (January 14th) in record number of theaters. 'I' is releasing 2250 theatres across India.Meanwhile some reports emerging about film’s run time. Its known that I movie run time was 184 minutes which is very high in recent times.

Many saying that I run time will show negative impact on film result. They feel that audience can’t watch a film which have more than three hours.But the real fact is all Shnakar films have more run time.His movies all the way from Gentleman till I managed to have lengthy run time.Shankar is indeed a good story teller and no need to worry about film length.

Below are the run times of all the movies from Shankar.  
Sivaji 188 mins.
I 187 mins.
Bharateeyudu 185 mins.
Aparichitudu 181 mins.
Jeans 175 mins
Robot 174 mins
Premikudu 170 mins
Oke Okkadu 170 mins
Boys 170 mins
Gentleman 161 mins

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