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We Will Bring Water To Dry Fields: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrapped up his campaign rallies for the second phase of the Assembly polls in Assam to be held on April 11, being mindful of the upcoming harvest festival of Bihu and the drought in many parts of the country.

He said his government was working on a plan to irrigate parched farmlands. “We are working on a big scheme to bring water to farmlands. We need to have a permanent solution to the drought,” he said at a rally in Rangia. He also said that eastern India would witness a second agricultural revolution. “The revolution will take place in Bihar, eastern Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam and the north-east. We are working in this direction,” he said.

Mr. Modi addressed four rallies after starting off the day visiting the famous Kamakhya Devi temple in Guwahati. A devotee of goddess Durga, he started his nine-day Navratri fast on Friday as well. “After many years, on first day of Navratri, getting an opportunity to visit Kamakhya temple and offer prayers to Maa Kamakhya. Feeling blessed,” he said on Twitter. Wishing people on the Rongali Bihu festival that falls next week, Mr. Modi urged them to ensure that a new government is formed in the Assamese New Year.

“The Congress has ruled by remote control all these years, on April 11, make sure you don't hand over the remote to them again, give a full majority to the NDA,” he said.

Against hung Assembly:- Mr. Modi said some divisive forces were trying for a hung Assembly and appealed to the people not to allow it to happen. “Desh ko todne wali takat bharpoor koshis kar rahi hain ki Assam mein bahumat na aaye (divisive forces are trying to ensure that there is no absolute majority in Assam) and I appeal to the people to ensure there was no possibility of a hung Assembly in the State,” he said.

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